9 Psychological Types Of Interior Preferences. What Kind Of Interior is Right For You?

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Are you sure that decorating the interior or buying new furniture is guided by your own opinion? Do you know your interior psychotype? And why do you think that you can live in this? The answers to these questions are in our review
If you are thinking about changing the interior, then you definitely need to find out your psychotype. Otherwise, you can wait for the pitfalls, for example, you can not get an interior for the soul, and imposed on you the vision of the designer. But the fact is that you stay here, the designer comes and goes, and the interior will be with you for a long time.

To get the most harmonious option and to know how to behave with the designer and what you should pay attention to, you will need to go deep into psychology for a short while. Yes, and designers would be nice to know with what customers they may encounter in their practice.

Authors of scientific works, to which we turned, note that it is not necessary to perceive these definitions as accurate and indisputable, because in life there are often mixed psychotypes.

1. The custodian of time

This person is sensitive to all things and objects that gradually come to his interior. He can not throw away a long-needed postcard or a souvenir from a friend with whom communication has long been lost. He becomes dependent on these objects, without even noticing it.

It is interesting that things can affect the human psyche, so it is very important to determine the value of an object.

People of this psychotype react sharply to a change in the situation, it is only necessary to move furniture, change curtains or paint the wall in a different color, as the “guardian of time” immediately changes the view and attitude to the world and people.

Choosing an interior style, such people tend to style Empire. In their home will necessarily be present ruffles, carpets, gold inserts, pillows of unusual shapes, many little things – napkins, figurines.

Based on this, the designer must develop a sufficient number of storage systems. And they should be roomy. This can be racks, cabinets, podiums, cabinets. In such an apartment can not do without cloakrooms and storerooms, small outbuildings.

To implement this condition, the designer will have to work with the layout. After all, to store things you need walls, niches or separate rooms.

The custodian of time
The custodian of time

2. The sprinter

For him, dynamics is important, he is constantly in motion and his life without him does not think. Such a man constantly likes to experiment, changing his life and his interior. For this type of free moving around the apartment is important, so these people prefer studio spaces or interiors with the smallest partitions.

“Sprinter” likes to participate in the design of their own interior, and he pays much attention to planning and zoning. He likes when one room easily turns from dining room into living room, from living room to bedroom, from bedroom to functional room.

Working with such a customer, the designer needs to think carefully about the lighting scenarios. “Sprinters” come to the fullest delight, when with one finger movement they can create a club environment with neon lights in their dwelling, or on the contrary, remove lighting up to half-light and enjoy an intimate atmosphere in the beams of spotlights.

People of this psychotype are constantly engaged in something. They have a lot of hobbies and preferences. If this is reading, then in his apartment there will necessarily be a large library. The culinary fan will acquire ultramodern technology and equip the kitchen at the highest level, and a music lover will put in the apartment a large music center.

The sprinter
The sprinter

3. Jeweler

The man of this psychotype thinks in details. It attracts little things. Looking at the picture, he will examine each of its elements, laying out in pieces. When choosing items of the interior, the jeweler is always interested in the texture of the wood, the fittings or fine carvings. He approaches everything from an aesthetic point of view.

Such people collect their interior, based on such details, what they had more to taste, and not guided by a common holistic picture, which will end up as a result. Therefore, it is important for the designer to catch this moment and select furniture with his customer so that the interior corresponds to the conceived concept and was harmonious for the owner of the dwelling.

In the house of the jeweler, there is something to see. There are many exquisite things, sometimes handmade and executed in complex techniques. This person is not indifferent to the decor, unusual details, intricate patterns, which gradually evolve into a not always harmonious mosaic.


4. Napoleon

A similar psychotype is the exact opposite of the above. “Napoleon” always thinks big, throwing away small details that only irritate him. Buying an armchair, he will look at his design in general, estimate its size and shape. These people prefer clarity in everything, including in the interior. Everything should be logical, functional and practical.

“Napoleon” perfectly feels in large spaces, furnished with quality furniture, without pretentious details. Gives preference to strict geometric forms, does not like to clutter up space, but also does not tolerate boredom. For such people, ecological and minimalistic styles are ideal.


5. The sponge

The interior of the person who belongs to this psychotype is collected from other people’s opinions and ideas. “Sponge” always and everywhere listens to the opinion of other people – acquaintances, relatives, designers or other authoritative personalities. For a designer, it is easy for such a customer to impose their opinion and make the interior to their liking – no one will object.

The sponge
The sponge

6. The Clever

People of this type can listen to the opinions of others, but to listen to them and apply in their own interior will never be. “Smart” is always confident in his rightness, he thinks he understands everything better than everyone else. Of course, it is possible that in some particular sphere such a person has no equal.

If initially “clever” resists collaboration with the designer, then in such a conflictual alliance, a good interior will not be born.

There is also a positive side of the medal – the “smart guy” can give clear guidelines on what he wants to see in his interior. In this case, the process of designing and implementing the idea proceeds easily and interestingly both for the customer and for the designer.

By the way, many architects and designers are also involved in this psychotype, as they are guided by their opinion in life and work.

The Clever
The Clever

7. The Mod

These people follow the fashion and want their interior to be built only on trendy receptions and furnished with only the most fashionable items. They are guided by the concept of “so fashionable!”: If this lamp is in the hands of a friend, and I do not – I am behind the times.

“Mods” tend to have the same things, objects, as in glossy magazines. They do not want to express themselves through the interior. It is important for them not to fall face to the same “mods”.

The designer is easy to work with such a psychotype, even if it is not always interesting. But the result of the work is always known in advance.

The Mod
The Mod

8. The Individual

Not like everyone else is the motto of “individuals”. They do not want to mingle with the crowd, which is why they constantly look for new styles, techniques. Such people create new trends, mixing existing with something innovative.

Their favorite style is eclecticism. It allows you to go beyond the standard styles and create an individual interior.

Incompatible is compatible – another slogan of this psychotype of people. They challenge society by combining different in style, shape and color examples. Such a customer is a real find for a designer who works in the style of pop art.

The Individual
The Individual

9. Monogamous

“Monogamous” do not change their favorite style. It they choose for life. Wherever they moved, and wherever they lived, they would strive to make an interior in the same style as the previous home.

The representative of this psychotype adheres to one style, but complements it with small elements that characterize his personality. That is, he manifests himself in these small details. It can be a poster from your favorite film in the loft studio or a bright pillow in a quiet, minimalistic interior.


Types by time

This is not all the types we wanted to talk about today. In addition to basic psychotypes, there is a division of personalities in time. Regardless of whether you are “monogamous” or “clever”, you also apply to the temporary type – “contemporary”, “science fiction” or “lyric poet”.

  • Contemporary. Such a person lives only in the present time. He brings practicality and convenience to the forefront, without looking ahead – whether he will use this chair in a year. Contemporaries are adherents of eclecticism and chaotic styles.
  • Fantast. These people are like from another planet. They like everything modern, new, unusual and technological. They feel good in a futuristic high-tech interior. The fantast surrounds himself with objects that can transform with anthropogenic design.
  • Lyricist. Lyrics prefer an ecological or rustic design. They are close to the theme of nature, so they choose natural materials and a warm color scheme. They are comfortable in classical, traditional, ecological styles, and they are not against country or provence.

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